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It is a known fact that if you want to keep yourself fit and healthy, you must play games. Playing games of any sort not only helps you gain physical fitness but also helps you getting rid of psychological issues. Kids running around the local streets playing hide and seek or hopscotch etc i.e. something we don’t see quite often in today’s environment, Because of busy lifestyle as well as lack of open play areas. For kids, it is crucial to playing freely or relax and have some fun, instead of a majority of kids today tend to spend most of their time at home just watching television or playing video games. Indoor play areas and indoor games have proven to be a great outlet for kids. This is because they can be active having fun, and most importantly perhaps play in a clean, safe and colorful environment.

In this series “Miles of Smiles” is a live example of an indoor play area. As seems by its name that it is the treasure of smile and happiness for kids. It is well designed and has tons of activities like a ball pool with colorful slides, Trampoline Park, Ball Shower, Tunnel and Bridges, Soft Wall Climbing, Spider Wall, Kiddy Rides, Kid’s gym equipment along with many other soft play types of equipment. This can keep your kids engaged for several hours. This area is very safe and secure for children to play. Child safety is a top priority for us as we have well-trained staff. Caregivers keep an eye on all children. It provides a chance to sit back relax while your child is kept busy with us.


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