About Us

Miles of Smiles is based on British, Ocean, and jungle themes. Miles of Smiles indoor play area will ensure children’s safety, while challenging them to reach, Think, Interact, Explore, and have fun. We offer worry-free birthday parties, Open play, Pre School’s visits, and special on a regular basis. We encourage parents to participate and interact with their children. We have totally physically based activities.

We welcome you to come to spend the day with us with your little ones for an adventure through our play area.

Why Choose US:-

  • Approachable Location 
  • Safe, Hygienic, and Colorful Surroundings
  • Biggest Indoor Play Area 
  • Air Conditioned Area
  • Ideal Place For Birthday Parties 
  • Fun-Filled Environment 
  • Ideal For  After School Day Care
  • CCTV Surveillance

Unlimited Fun Package-:

  • Trampoline Park
  • Spider Wall
  •  Soft Wall Climbing 
  • C RopeNet Climbing 
  • Slidings With Ball Pool and Ball Shower
  •  Punching Bags
  • Transparent Tunnel And Bridges
  • Soft Rainbow
  • Animal Tunnel 
  • Kitchen Role Play
  • Hospital Role Play
  • Swing Toddlers
  • Jumping Balls 

Playground Rules:-

  • Children must be supervised by a parent or adult at all times in the play area.
  • Please abide by all age limits of designated items.
  • Play equipment is designed for children ages 0-12.
  • Remove shoes, loose articles of clothing, jewellery, or sharp objects.
  • This is a sock only facilities, Socks must be worn at all times.
  • Slide one person at a time in a forward seated position, Feet first.
  • No climbing up slides.
  • No climbing or standing on the outside of the play equipment.
  • No running.
  • All food, Gum and drinks are only allowed in designated areas.
  • Do not bring toys or other items into the play equipment.
  • Be respectful of other children.
  • Do not push, hit or injure other children.
  • Outdoor food and beverages are not permitted.
  • Waivers required prior to entry.


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